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Flat Fee IT

We get it, when it comes to your computers and network, you just want it to work. That’s where we come in. With a proactive computer support strategy, we can keep a finger on the pulse of your network and alert you to any problems on the horizon. With Managed IT Services, rather than just an IT support company, we become a partner that helps your business to run smoothly so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

We have developed a fully inclusive solution called Flat Fee IT. Unlimited Calls and Unlimited On-site Support. Everything that a big IT department should be doing in an organization we included in an simple to price model that covers all of your IT needs and is easy to budget for. It removes the worry of dealing with surprises to your network as well as your bottom line.

Cloud Services

Are you sick of having to purchase new servers and workstations every 3-5 years? Would if you could extend your investment beyond that? What could you do in your business with that extra capital? This is not a dream. With a well designed plan and the proper hosting services, Advanced Data can help you invest your business in the right cloud services, maximizing your hard earned time and money. Our hosting services lowers capital expenses and reduces energy costs. It also allows you to quickly deploy cloud phones, virtual servers, backup services into a virtual infrastructure in hours not days.

We built our data center with redundancy built-in at every level; power, cooling, UPS’s, generators, networks, storage, service providers, and security. Our facility has modern access control systems to monitor and permit only authorized individuals where they need to be. We also monitor the Data Center with 24X7 security cameras and a security system. Built on a Cisco network, security, reliability and performance are our top priority.

Phone and Voice Services

Whether you need a business phone system installed on-premise, have many offices, or want a cloud-hosted virtual PBX VoIP system, Advanced Data can provide the technology and know how to find the best IP phone system for your company. Our expertise and experience with Cisco, Adtran, 3CX, Sangoma and other vendors gives us the advantage when designing a voice solution for your business.

Most providers who offer voice come from a telephony background. We come with an IT mindset, leveraging our expertise in building secure networks, and the ability to integrate multiple phone systems and sites into one easy-to-manage system.


Business today depends on connectivity, within the company, with suppliers, and with customers. Whether it’s LAN, WAN, WiFi, or being immediately connected to branch offices or remote workers, Advanced Data knows how to design, configure, install, and keep you running smoothly.

We have years of experience with many different vendors and have installed thousands of networks inside and outside. Our technicians are highly trained and certified in all aspects of installation and maintenance. When you invest in a network with Advanced Data, we teach you how to manage the system and we’re always there to support it.

What about Wifi networks?

Secure, easy to manage, and cost effective? Historically if you asked for a large wireless network with these you requirements, we would tell you to pick two of the three! However, today we can provide you a solution that meets each of these!

Data Backup Service

We will ensure that your data is available where you need it, and when you need it!  We design backup solutions that fit the requirements and environment.  We aid in writing a complete Business Continuity Plan that can be executed if the need arises. 

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